Couples therapy offers a range of benefits to partners looking to strengthen their bond, increase their satisfaction and happiness in their relationship, and develop the tools they need to navigate challenges and transitions together. Research shows that our adult romantic relationships are shaped by our early attachment experiences (Mikulincer & Goodman, 2006). As such, couples therapy can be incredibly valuable in helping partners navigate the challenges and opportunities of their relationships.

At CGCMFT, Dr. Sahar assesses the strengths and challenges of your relational system by asking a series of questions to understand your attachment needs. Then, work with couples to identify old cycles and sharpen your communication skills, as well as improve your emotional and mental intimacy with your partner. With the support of an experienced therapist, couples can explore their relational patterns and learn how to overcome obstacles that may be preventing them from achieving a deeper connection.

Couples will learn to build compassion for their partner's narrative by actively listening, validating, empathizing, being present, and asking for what they want from each other. By learning these essential skills, couples can work together to develop a more meaningful and fulfilling relationship. At CGCMFT, Dr. Sahar's practice is open to all couples, including those in polyamorous and non-monogamous relationships. By working with Dr. Sahar, you and your partner can learn valuable skills and strategies for building a deeper and more meaningful connection, and experience the many benefits that couples counseling can offer.