A common ground

Dr. Sahar Khoshakhlagh, Psy.D, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a private practice in Manhattan Chelsea/Flatiron District. She welcomes individuals, couples, families, and members of the LGBTQIA community who are seeking change. With a background in General Systems Theory (GST), Dr. Sahar's approach is philosophical, psycho-educational, experiential, and holistic.

GST has an interdisciplinary framework of wholeness, parts, patterns, hierarchical order, integration, and organizational phenomena that could be understood through inquiry, challenging the way you identify with concepts and meaning (Bertalanffy, 1968, p. 24). Dr. Sahar utilizes an eclectic systems approach to address a merit of challenges, including communication problems, identity development, family of origin issues, love, loss, anxiety, etc. to help clients foster a paradigm shift in their narratives.

She will ask questions to increase awareness of that narrative and meet her clients wherever they are at. She will listen, validate, empathize, and provide compassionate presence so her clients can break the barriers that hold them back from being themselves. She does this by helping clients understand their patterns and habits then empowering them to ask for what they want.

Her intention is the same regardless of symptom, religion, culture, sexual identity, or gender. Her practice is open to all couples, including those in polyamory and non-monogamous relationships. She will help each partner learn to build compassion for the other’s journey by helping couples break negative cycles that keep the relationship stuck.

Her mission is to provide clients with quality of care so they can address their challenges on their own, outside of her practice. Deliberate, effective communication, and commitment to your vision is the foundation of the work you will do together.

Dr. Sahar looks forward to meeting you.