A common ground

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Dr. Sahar offers a unique approach to mental health care. With her training in both psychotherapy and family systems, she can understand symptoms within the context of relational interactions and acknowledge their significant impact on behavior, thoughts, and emotions.

During therapy sessions, Dr. Sahar takes an integrative viewpoint, considering clients' emotional and behavioral issues in relation to their relationships. Drawing on her background in General Systems Theory (GST), she recognizes the interconnected nature of human experience and how relational interactions shape behavior. This perspective, which asserts that everything is interconnected and interdependent, was first introduced by quantum physics in the 1930s and later formalized as GST by Ludwig von Bertalanffy.

Dr. Sahar sees her clients as experts in their own lives and supports their healing and growth through reciprocity, recursion, and shared responsibility. She explores their experiences, communication patterns, behaviors, and interaction strategies to aid them in their journey towards healing. She uses emotions as a guide to understand their stories and may incorporate imagery work to challenge limiting beliefs. In therapy, Dr. Sahar creates a safe and supportive environment, encouraging patients to openly share their thoughts and feelings. Whether they are seeking personal growth or addressing specific issues, she listens, guides, and supports them on their journey towards healing and wellness.