Research shows that anxiety influences our physical health. Anxiety can cause ailments such as heart disease, physical tension, and can adversely affect your immune system. At CGCMFT, I will work with you to help decrease your anxiety, while encouraging self-expression.

Anxiety can be described as an over exaggerated emotion and can disrupt your relationships and professional aspirations. Anxiety can show up as an intrusive, catastrophic, pessimistic, or perfectionistic thought formation. Anxiety can also show up as guilt or shame driven or right hemisphere-based thought formation, which means having the tendency to focus on negative information.

At CGCMFT, I will use evidence based techniques, such as deep belly breathing, mindfulness practices, narrative deconstructing, and more to help you re-examine your stressful thought patterns. Together, we will re-evaluate the storyline that brings you stress or anxiety. I will guide you and ask questions to help you deconstruct your narratives until you find more balance in your mind.

We will explore the anatomy of the Brain because the more you know about your brain the less likely you may take your anxiety personally. You may discover that your anxiety has good intentions, but it's misunderstood. Hence, I look forward to rediscovering your anxiety with you.