Dr. Sahar provides individual therapy, which offers a valuable opportunity for individuals to delve deeper into their personal experiences, thoughts, feelings, and belief systems. At CGCMFT, Dr. Sahar is committed to creating a therapeutic environment that supports self-reflection and growth.

During therapy sessions, Dr. Sahar examines the narratives that shape individuals' interactions with the world and delves into the antecedents of their relationships and patterns of behavior that may be affecting the quality of their life. Dr. Sahar facilitates a safe and neutral space for individuals to express themselves and work through the barriers that may be preventing them from reaching their full potential.

Dr. Sahar is able to discuss a range of topics that are relevant to individuals, including anxiety, despair, grief, love, identity development, relationships, loneliness, and isolation. Effective communication, openness, and a commitment to personal vision serve as the foundation for their work together. Dr. Sahar is eager to support individuals on their journeys and help them grow and develop in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling to them.